Endorsed by: Idaho Farm Bureau; NRA; Idaho Second Amendment Alliance; Idaho Republican Liberty Caucus, Idaho Chooses Life, National Federation of Independent Business NFIB/Idaho SAFE (Save America's Free Enterprise).

AWARDS (2015-2016):

In my first term as a freshman I was honored with:

  • #1 legislator for freedom and liberty  - IFF (2015 and 2016)
  • Legislator of the Year – Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho (2015)
  • Certificate of Appreciation – American Legion (2015)
  • Mrs. Powell Award – Center for Self Governance (2015)
  • Statesmen of the Year Award (2015)- WA State Freedom Team-Shea
  • Resolution of Commendation–Kootenai Co. Republicans (2015)
  • Award for Conservative Excellence – American Conservative Union (2015 and 2016)Friend of Agriculture Award - Idaho Farm Bureau Fed. – (2015-2016)

Two years ago you placed your trust in me because we share the same concerns about the losses of our freedoms, the constant overreach of the federal government, the attacks on private property rights, the diminished rights of parents in public education, and the growth of big centralized government in Idaho. With your direction and support I stood as the tip of the spear on the House floor in fights against crony capitalism, special perks for elected officials, the insertion of international code into our state law, and the unconstitutional use of our tax code to legalize gay marriage.  I fought for permitless carry (which is now law), returning federal lands in Idaho to state ownership, SBAC testing-opt out for students, and other freedom issues.  All this was done with only a small minority of liberty minded, small-government legislators. 

During the most recent primary we made significant gains in the number of liberty minded legislators being elected across the state and I believe this will have a lasting positive affect on Idaho if we can continue to grow in numbers. I want to rejoin this growing team and add my experience to their efforts.  With your support on November 8th, I can assure you that your freedoms and our state sovereignty will be protected and strengthened.    

 I have worked tirelessly throughout the last two years to increase citizen awareness of the importance of being an educated voter and an engaged citizen through my Engaged Citizen talks, my Issues Teams, update newsletters, and my awareness program drawing attention to the monthly draft proposed Administrative Rules needing citizen input. We all need to work together to reduce big government at both the state and federal levels.  Idaho families and businesses should be directing government and dictating policy to elected officials, not the other way around. 

I would like to continue to offer the residents of District 1 my commitment to fight for you who believe in our Republican form of government and the values and principles that have made America great and exceptional.  If you reelect me, together we can work find common sense local solutions to problems, not grow large bureaucracies who want to exert control from far away. 

My platform remains the same:

  • Support efforts to repeal the State Health Care Exchange and prevent Medicaid Expansion in Idaho
  • Support legislation to transfer federal lands back to the State of Idaho.
  • Promote local control for education in our schools and insure public education funds go to students, teachers and the learning process, not extravagant administrative salaries and perks. 
  • Strengthen private property rights and remain active in the water adjudication process for District 1
  • Work to maintain Idaho citizens' privacy protection from government data collection.
  • Promote and preserve our 2nd Amendment rights including a strong Castle Doctrine for Idaho.
  • Promote statewide legislation for term limits for elected officials.

It has been my privilege to listen to issues affecting North Idaho families and businesses and work diligently to preserve your freedoms and rights.  I want to continue to be the fresh, firm voice in Boise for residents of District 1.

I need the new and independent voters of our District to step forward and join with my many supporters in a united force to re-elect me as your District 1A Representative.  I invite you to get involved in my campaign and help make a difference.  If the citizens of Idaho want government to do less, we must do more to be heard!  As important as who your candidate is, it is equally important that you, the voter, participate in the general election on November 8th, 2016.  Your district, state and country has never needed you more than we do for this election. Thank you for joining me and I encourage you to visit the rest of my website to learn more about me.



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